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Hello! Here is the link to our May PTO meeting if you are interested. Thank you.

Placement 2021-22

In May we will begin the process of assigning children to classrooms for the next school year. Classroom placement is a lengthy process that considers many factors and involves input from the many professionals in our school who know the children best.  We spend several weeks working on classroom placements to make certain classrooms are balanced in regard to a variety of factors, such as gender, academic, social, emotional, and health needs.  You may have additional insight and information that will aid in the placement process. Thank you in advance for any information you might wish to share with the school. We would be happy to hear your input regarding specific information related to your child, such as your areas of concern for learning or your thoughts of the type of classroom environment that would best suit your child’s needs. Please note we will not accept requests for specific teachers. Such requests, if submitted, will not be considered. If you would like to provide additional information please use the attached Placement Information Form.
Order Yearbook

Yearbook Form

For 2nd & 3rd grade students. 4th grade students will all get one courtesy of the PTO
Superintendent Search

Superintendent Search

During the month of March, Oxford’s Superintendent Screening Subcommittee, with the assistance of NESDEC consultant, Dr. Randall Collins, met to review applications and interview candidates for the position of Superintendent of Schools. With a candidate profile in hand, the Screening Subcommittee reviewed over thirty (30) applications. The Subcommittee selected six (6) candidates to participate in preliminary interviews. Following the preliminary interviews, and after much thought, discussion, and reflection, the Screening Subcommittee recommended four (4) semi-finalists for further consideration by the Oxford School Committee. The School Committee interviewed the four (4) semi-finalists at length and in-person over the course of two evenings. Following the interviews and extensive deliberation, the School Committee voted to move two (2) finalists to the next round.
report card

2020 District and Schools Report Card

Below are links to our Massachusetts district and school report cards.  An overview is provided in addition to the report cards.  The purpose of the report card is to give parents information about their child’s school in terms of academic achievement and the professional qualifications of its teachers. By making this information available each year, parents will learn how their school is doing, what its goals are, and what they can do to work more effectively with their teachers and administrators.

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Our Mission and Vision

The Oxford Public School District engages ALL students in a comprehensive and challenging learning experience through high-quality instruction that supports each student's academic, social, and emotional development, while fostering a commitment to the community so students thrive in a technological global society, prepared for life, college, career, or the military.
It is the vision of the Oxford Public School District that through the implementation of best educational practices, utilizing technology, and rigorous curriculum, our students will lead and shape the future.