Clara Barton News

posted Apr 20, 2020, 12:29 PM by Christen Hutchinson

Hello Clara Barton Students:

What’s new? Now is your chance to let your friends know what you’ve been doing, what is new in your house, what is blooming in your yard, or just about anything! How? By submitting your drawings, writing or videos to “WCBE Clara Barton News!” 

Send your news to Ms. Sims ( using one of the formats below. She will put it together for an online newspaper/video that you can read and watch to connect with your community of classmates!


Write a short paragraph about something newsworthy, using Google docs and share it with Ms Sims using email . Use complete sentences!


Video yourself as a newscaster telling your story: get dressed, no filming in pajamas! Make a sign behind you that says WCBE News and tell us what you want to report! Share it with Ms. Sims using Google Photos or email it.


Submit images of  your artwork for our gallery! Share it with Ms. Sims using Google Photos or email it.

Make sure your parents are OK with what you say, write, draw or video FIRST! 

Put your NAME and teacher, and the letters WCBE in the subject line.

Here are some ideas - Tell us about it!

  • Did your family have a game tournament? What did you play, who won, tell us about it!

  • Did you have a celebration in your house recently? (birthday, lost tooth, new pet?)

  • Did you invent a new recipe or would you like to share a favorite? 

  • Have you been for a walk or hike someplace fun? Describe it!

  • Did you spot something outside (fox, possum, hawk)?

  • Did you read a book that you thought was great- tell us about it!